Shrubs and Hedges in Louisville

Mullins Turf And Lawn Care LLC offers services to plan, install, and maintain shrubs and hedges in Louisville. If you’d like a living wall that will frame landscaping features like hardscapes and gardens, we can connect you with an expert contractor or garden planner that will suit your needs. We offer plants that are specialized to act as aesthetic additions, privacy screens, and security walls, if those are your goals for your property.

A Garden Planner For Your Needs

Whatever size project, big or small, Mullins Turf And Lawn Care LLC is fully dedicated to the job. We deliver the same level of care and attention to each executed project.

We understand that every lawn is different, and every client’s needs, and visions are as well. We don’t believe in a single-minded approach to landscaping. We approach each job with a unique perspective and ensure that the work we do for you will represent you and best suit your lawn and its needs.

We can make your landscaping dreams come true. If you are looking to add shrubs or hedges to your lawn, we are the team for the job! Shrubs and hedges are a low-maintenance and aesthetic addition to any lawn. They even cover up any imperfections your lawn may have.

Our team is skilled in transforming a black canvased lawn into a piece of art with bushes and evergreens.

Maintenance for Shrubs and Hedges

On top of our installing services we also offer lawn maintenance. We are just as dedicated to the upkeep of your shrubs! With our trimming and upkeep services, your bushes and shrubs will look well-manicured and pruned year-round.

We have the know-how, the right tools, evolving methods and technology to install and maintain every last detail of your lawn. Call us today.

Benefits of Garden Shrubs

Our garden planners will give you the time and care when planning the design for your lawn. We will also suggest a layout to increase privacy and security for your property. Our garden services will:

  • Increase privacy and security
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Will cover up any lawn imperfections
  • Easy upkeep
  • Attracts customers
  • Enhances retail value

Want a lawn that represents you and provides a security wall? Call us today! We are ready to listen to your ideas and to help you achieve the vision for your landscape. When you consult with us, we will help you select from our selection of garden shrubs.

Call Mullins Turf And Lawn Care LLC Today and Get the Hedge Bushes of Your Dreams

When you contract us for your landscape design and maintenance, you can rest assured that our skills, years of experience and customer service will bring new life and security to your lawn. Our methods, materials and equipment will protect your lawn, keep it strong and healthy and ensure its longevity. Call us today at (502) 712-7546 to talk to one of our professionals about what your vision is for your property, and how we can help, or set up a consultation.